In addition to information on natural/holistic health, I also want to keep a public journal about my own struggles and triumphs with my health problems.

Originally, this blog was going to be a book titled, “I Told You I Was Sick”. I’m a fiction writer and I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of my short stories published.

My first real try at non-fiction was my e-book, “Healing Naturally ~ My Story” and the positive feedback I received made me think I may have a shot at writing non-fiction, especially on a subject I’m deeply passionate about.  

But then I thought about that. There was a chance my book would never be published and truthfully, my main objective was to get the information out there; above all else. So, I’m glad to tell my story for free. 

Helping people find natural healing and relief from the physical and/or emotional pain they’re struggling with means so much to me.

I know, first hand, what it’s like to have no energy, to be in pain, to be confused, anxious and sick most of the time and at a very young age.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was living on my own, working 2-3 jobs and trying to go to school and I was doing all of this with constant stomach/intestinal pain and behavioral and learning problems that were so bad, I got fired more than once for incompetence or a “bad attitude”.

I couldn’t get it together and not only did I not know why, but I didn’t know what I was doing or saying to upset or alienate people.

I had a difficult childhood. Back in the 80s, when a child had behavioral problems, they didn’t test them for food intolerance or allergies. They didn’t see the connection.

Food intolerance manifests in behavioral symptoms such as social dyslexia (aspergers syndrome), sudden outbursts of rage, inability to process sensory information, brain fog, hyperactivity, non-stop, senseless talk , extreme phobic reactions and many others.

I exhibited all of these symptoms and more and because of this, social interaction with my family and peers was frustrating at best, exhasperating at worst. I acted out, talked nonsense, had extreme emotional outbursts, poor coordination which made me drop and spill everything and a terrible memory. A family member would ask me to, say, “Go into the kitchen and get the blue cup, fill it with water and bring it to me.” I’d go into the kitchen and I wouldn’t even be able to find the blue cup. It could be right in front of me and I wouldn’t see it. 

The problem was, nobody believed me. Despite my social and emotional problems, I got fairly good grades in school so nobody believed that a “smart” child could get confused about something that simple.

Because doctors could find nothing wrong with me, my confusion, outbursts and social cluelessness were thought to be a deliberate attempt to get attention. That created a huge rift between myself and my family. 

When I moved out on my own at 17, I maintained my conviction to get to the bottom of why I had the problems I did. I knew they weren’t in my head. I was in just as much physical pain as I was emotional and I was bound and determined to find an answer.

And I did. Food intolerance. 

Imagine that. Finding out at 22 that the reason you were being screamed at, shunned, punished, fired and disliked was because your body wasn’t properly digesting and assimilating food!

That’s what it was. I still remember calling my mother and telling her I had gluten intolerance. I said, with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, “See, I told you I was sick.”

Getting to the root cause of the problems I had was such a validating experience. It started me on a process of healing and self-discovery that led me to where I am today.

The way I see it, if I can help people who have gone through something like this, if I can help them to feel validated and find the answers they seek, then what I went through was for a higher purpose.

Welcome to Public Diary #1.

Thank you for reading and sharing my journey.

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